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MOST Americans Have Yeast Overgrowth AND DONT EVEN KNOW IT!

Millions of people may have a yeast overgrowth—all ages, sex and race.

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ThreeLac™ is a naturally lemon-flavored dietary supplement which supports healthy digestive function. Yeast and Fungus overgrowth can be a major contributing factor to health issues or problems.

* ThreeLac™ helps maintain intestinal flora that are essential for efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

* ThreeLac contains three strains of live lactic acid bacteria that may help to temporarily rid the body of overactive yeast and fungi. No other product on the market today contains this exclusive formulation.

* ThreeLac's effectiveness is due to the micro-encapsulation process that gets the live bacteria safely past the acidic environment of the stomach and into the intestines.

* ThreeLac’s oxygen-friendly bacteria go to work supporting a healthy intestine.

* ThreeLac may offer temporary relief from typical yeast/fungi symptoms, which may include depression, anxiety, recurring irritability, heartburn, indigestion, lethargy, extreme food and environmental allergies, acne, dry, flaky, itchy skin, jock itch, migraine headaches, recurring cystitis/ vaginal infections, premenstrual tension, and menstrual problems.

* ThreeLac’s support may be detected as early as the first few days for some but should be noticed within seven to ten days for most people.

* ThreeLac is so easy to use in convenient, portable packets – You'll Be Amazed and Delighted!

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Take one packet a day to start. Empty the packet into your mouth and follow with a few ounces of water, or add powder to a few ounces of water and drink. If additional support is desired, you may build gradually to a higher number of packets for the first 60 days. Amount needed may vary from person to person. Packets may be taken at any time of day, with or without meals. Do not store in an area that will reach above 170 degrees Fahrenheit or in direct sunlight. Freezing or refrigeration is neither recommended nor required. Use individual packets within 24 hours of opening.

Since at least 70% of people have a yeast overgrowth – YOU probably have one too! And Threelac can help!

Threelac Reviews from Real Customers (like you)

Greatest Product for Candida

I've taken this product for some time and I can tell you it definitely works. Even with the first dose, I could feel the difference. It immediately improved the PH of my intestinal tract, I stopped having trouble with diahrrea and loose stools. I've been taking it for several months, and I can tell you it has helped me. As for the reviewer above who stated they had been taking it for three weeks and still had Candida, OF COURSE YOU DO. It takes several months to fully get a good case of candida under control. The literature that comes with the product explains this. The product is pleasant tasting and easy to take. It also suggests that you take a fiber supplement to help cleanse the colon of the dead and dying candida organisms. This is very helpful and I recommend it.

Great for Autism related Gut/Yeast Problems

I have a 4-year old child with autism. She has numerous problems with her intestines–leaky gut, numerous food allergies and yeast problems. We have tried everything to get rid of her yeast but it keeps coming back along with the horrible diarrhea. Dr. Bradstreet suggested we give this a try and it actually works! She looks and feels better and the diarrhea is finally gone! It has only been two weeks since we started but we are thrilled with the results. If you have a child with autism that has gut and yeast problems (and 90% do), try this product. You will be pleased.

Getting "friendly bacteria" back

A year of very heavy antibiotic use for a series of staph infections had decimated my "friendly" bacteria, and left my MD warning about blood pressure in the 150+ and 90+ areas, and congestive heart failure. Since I tested way over the top on candida overgrowth, I elected ThreeLac as a conservative therapy. After two months my bp is back to 120 and lo-70's, and other therapy talk has passed away. A cheap and easy "back to friendly" levels, I figure.

This product changed our family!

At six years old, my daughter was starting to unravel mentally and physically. She was anxious all of the time, could not handle the smallest change in routine, was regressing in her learning, and would spend hours locked in her room, re-arranging everything in her room, and insisting on sleeping with very bizarre items. She would also complain of stomach cramps, and would periodically run high fevers and experience vomiting and diarrhea. I started to suspect a food allergy, and found information relating to Candida and leaky gut syndrome and the effects when combined with food allergies. When she testes positive for yeast, I immediately started her on ThreeLac, and cut gluten and casein from her diet. She experienced some withdrawal for a couple of days, but has blossomed since then. She is a child that we have never known - happy, relaxed, well adjusted, social, and confident. No more cramping or vomiting. Apart from her miraculous recovery, my husband and I are sleeping better at night, with fewer aches and pains that we thought were normal, I no longer have migraines or irregular cycles, and our other daughters have not been sick since taking this product. I recommend it to everyone and think it is more than worth the price. You don't have to refrigerate it, can take it anywhere, mix it in anything. I certainly won't hurt you to try it, you can only benefit!


I noticed a difference the day after I took it! My sinuses cleared up and my brain fog lifted. It's an amazing product and for everything it does for your health the price is well worth it! I want everyone I know to try it. Our digestive health is sooooooo important. I guess from other reviews that it doesn't work for everyone, but it worked wonders for me. My whole family is taking it and feeling great!!

Got rid of yeast infection in mouth

I've struggled with yeast infections off and on for years. Last August I got one from taking an antibiotic and it never went away despite many 'pink pills' from my doctor. Then about a month ago I had to go on another antibiotic for a severe sinus infection. As a result my yeast infection became unbearable and I got a yeast infection in my mouth. That was it for me. I started researching. I already took acidophilus and had been for years. I didn't see cutting out sugar completely as an option (my husband's deployed to Iraq, this is not a good time to give up comfort food!). Then I stumbled across a website listing all the symptoms of candida. I felt like someone had been taking note of all of my complaints for the last 15 years! Then I found a mention of Threelac. After much research on Threelac and reading all of the reviews I decided to give it a try. I especially liked the review that said they didn't change their diet at all! After taking Threelac for about 9-10 days the infection in my mouth was completely gone! I'm almost done with the first box and am ordering my second. The yeast infection is slowly getting better, but I've had it for so long it's not suprising it's taking longer. And I'm starting to notice other things. I don't wake up in need of a neck and shoulder massage and my morning headaches are much better. I'm not feeling as fuzzy headed and I'm starting to have more energy. I started off taking one per day, then after a couple days moved up to two, then after another couple days moved up to three.

It has literally changed my life

I've been taking Threelac for one month now at 2 pack per day. I had recently been diagonosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The pain and fatigue was so severe, that I could not function normally, (and I have young kids at home)and 85% of each day was spent in the bed (By the way, I'm only 31) I would do what was necessary for my kids and the rest of the days I spent in the bed. I wasn't satisfied with the diagnoses of fibromyalgia or CFS, so I started HUNTING down research on what's really wrong with me. That's when I discovered it was candida and miserably failed the saliva test plus all the online assessments. I realized my candida got out of control because I had been on at least 9 courses of antibiotics for recurrent upper respitory infection and ear infection over an 18 month period plus had major surgery where they pumped me full of antibiotics as a precautionary measure.
After one week on Threelac, I no longer had days where I spent in the bed. Now, one month later, I am feeling so great, my energy is up, no more pain. I'm even getting ready to start my own business that I had been delayig because I just couldn't function. One supplier mentioned that you will plateau in your symptom relief. I feel I have reached my plateau point so I will increase my dosage to 3 pack per day for one more month then go down to the one pack per day. To replace the friendly bacteria, I'm also taking Pearl Acidophilus by Enzymatic Therapy.

Threelac Reviews - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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How do ThreeLac organisms differ from other probiotic organisms?

All intestinal friendly flora have in common that they support the health of the intestinal tract. ThreeLac organisms are no exception. Each type has it's own job to do. ThreeLac organisms are somewhat more assertive toward certain strains of fungi and yeast than L. acidophilus, for example, but work compatibly along with other necessary probiotics.

How many Colony Forming Units (CFU's) of each bacillus are there in ThreeLac?

As a measure of potency, there are 500 million CFU's of Bacillus Coagulans, 500 million CFU's of Bacillus Subtilis, and 500 million CFU's of Enterococcus Faecalis in each packet. The micro-encapsulation process allows high survivability of these organisms through the stomach acids.

Why is there yeast in ThreeLac?

The refined yeast powder in ThreeLac comes from a Brewer's yeast source and is there to act as a food source for the bacilli. It will not worsen a candida condition because it is not a live yeast.

What does the "fiber" on the ThreeLac label refer to?

The designation "Fiber" refers to the small amount of Galactomannan, a dietary fiber, which supports the function of the ThreeLac organisms.

What is the FOS in ThreeLac for?

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is a complex carbohydrate that acts as a food source for the probiotic organisms in ThreeLac.

Does ThreeLac require any dietary changes?

No matter what kind of diet an individual prefers to eat, from no dietary changes at all to a strict anti-candida diet at the other end of the scale, ThreeLac can help if it addresses your particular candida and or fungal strains. The more "fronts" the problem is addressed on, the greater the possible benefit.

Now that I'm taking ThreeLac, can I stop taking other probiotics?

ThreeLac is not a comprehensive probiotic product. It contains three strains somewhat more assertive toward fungi and yeast than other friendly flora, but is not a replacement for other friendly flora, which may also be needed. ThreeLac works compatibly, however, with other friendly flora.

Does ThreeLac have to be refrigerated?

No, it doesn't. It is perfectly stable at room temperature or slightly above. Refrigeration is an option, provided the product does not become frozen. Storing in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard or on a shelf is also a very good option.

Is there any research on ThreeLac validating its effectiveness?

Dr. Gary Shima, M.D. performed a physician-assisted study in 2004 to address some basic questions for us. Results of that two-month study are available online. ThreeLac comes to us from Japan with a high track record of sales, and continues to be one of our most in-demand products.

Will ThreeLac help me lose weight?

ThreeLac is neither a weight-loss nor a weight-gain product. Weight may appear less, however, when taking ThreeLac, as a result of the reduction of bloating, one of the many symptoms of a yeast overgrowth. Individuals differ and responses may vary.

Is there any casein or gluten in ThreeLac?

According to the manufacturer, there is no gluten in ThreeLac, and the amount of casein has been found to be 12 parts per million (ppm), an insignificant amount– barely above the level of detection with a microscope.

What sort of diet is recommended when taking ThreeLac?

Whether you choose to follow a very stringent dietary program or make no dietary changes at all, ThreeLac may be beneficial.

Can I take the Threelac while I am pregnant?

The FDA requires every nutritional company to advise pregnant and nursing mothers to consult with their healthcare practitioners before taking nutritional products. We have heard no negative reports from this group of people, any more than any other.

How many packets of Threelac do I start with?

It is suggested to start with 1-2 packets per day for a day or so, and increase packet by packet every few days until you begin to see improvement.

What is the difference between Threelac and Fivelac?

Threelac and Fivelac both contain the same three strains of live bacteria but the Fivelac has 2 extra friendly bacteria–Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum.

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